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Arnac-Pompadour, city of the horse and cradle of the Anglo-Arab race.


The castle of the Marquessa :

Come and discover the castle of the Marquessa, she was the king Louis XV's favorite as a result he gave her a splendid castle and the marquisate of Pompadour. This historic heritage will impress you by its Gothic and Renaissance architecture and also by its panoramic view over the racecourse.

The race course :

At the foot of the castle is situated a racecourse, it was initially build for the training of the stud's horses and it is now open to the public. Known to be one of the most beautiful racecourse of France, come and live an unforgettable horse race!

The national stud farm :

Pompadour is also known for its Anglo-Arab race. They are born from thoroughbred Arab and English horses, so they are tall, quick, strong, light, resistant and elegant, their races are going to amaze you!

The “Domaine de Chignac” :

In an 80 hectare estate of meadow, the foal gain strength and vigor and they are going to take over and going to preserve the stud live. It contain 60 horses in a unique and beautiful setting.


The Saint-Blaise Chapel :

Take a walk in the Saint-Blaise chapel and look at the magnificent fresco by André Brasilier.


The « Chartreuse du Glandier » :

An eccentric visit to discover on three theme: an historic theme, a criminal theme and a medico-social theme.


Restaurants :

Come and taste the local food or simply have a drink on one of the town's restaurant : “Les Remparts” “L'hippodrome”, “La Marquise”, “le Seven”...

In less than 30 minutes..


Ségur-le-château :

Just 15 minutes from the campsite, come and discover the village of Ségur-le-château classified one of the most beautiful village of France. It is located on the Auvézère river side and is full of beautiful Renaissance houses and half-timbered houses. You can also perceive on the heights its castle dating from the XIIe century and you can visit it during temporary events.

Come and taste their local products the Mondays at 5pm during the market.

The castle of Verdier :

Just 15 minutes from the campsite is situated the castle of Verdier dating from the XVe century, discover its marvellous architecture and its history during a guided visit of the tourism office.

The “Gorges de la Vézère” :

Just 20 minutes from the campsite, the “gorges de la Vézère” offers you sumptuous panoramic view. Come and escape listening water flowing in a beautiful and green nature.

The paper mill of Vaux Payzac :

Just 20 minutes from the campsite, discover the “savoir-faire” of the paper mill of Vaux Paysac.

This mill of straw paper is situated in an old forge dating from the XVIIe century and offers you a unique experience in an unusual setting.

The Forge of Savignac-Ledrier :

Just 20 minutes from the campsite, come and discover the forge of Savignac-Ledrier. Classified historic monument, look at the “savoir-faire” of the blacksmith during a walk and a discover way.

The castle of Comborn :

Just 20 minutes from the campsite stands the castle of Comborn, little known it offers at its visitors a surprising visit between the ruin of a fortification dating from the XIe century and the ramparts passing by an underground room and the chapel crypt.

The castle of Bonneval :

Just 25 minutes from the campsite the castle of Bonneval opens you its doors. It is situated in the centre of the village, come and discover magnificent garden plenty of lavender and conifer, and also a sumptuous traditional castle with its towers and moats.

Saint Robert :

Just 25 minutes from the campsite, discover the village of Saint-Robert classified one of the most beautiful village of France.

Situated at 350m high, come and admire this beautiful village and its church dating from the XIIe century.

Ayen :

Just 25 minutes from the campsite, the village of Ayen welcomes you in a revitalizing setting, discover its nature and its monuments as the church rebuild in XXe century. Come and climb the Ayen mount and look at the magnificent view apon the “Puy d'Yssandon”, the “monts d'Auvergne” and the “montagne Limousine”.

Come and take a walk into their market every friday at 5pm !

Saint Yrieix La Perche :

Just 30 minutes from the campsite, discover the village of Saint-Yrieix-La-Perche classified “Plus beau détour de France”,and take a rest in its flowered landscape and its magnificent monuments will amaze you! Visit its superb medieval city and its collegial dating from the XIIIe century, its donjon of the “Vicomte de Limoges”: the tower of Plô and its picturesque streets.

The garden of Collette :

Just 30 minutes from the campsite, find the garden of Collette ! Go for a walk in this magnificent flowered park and meet different thematic garden. This park will delight adults and children with its wooden toy, its vegetable garden and also its funny animals.

Uzerche :

Just 30 minutes from the campsite, come and explore the city of Uzerche and his historic heritage. Nicknamed “La perle du Limousin”, Uzerche attract a lot of people thanks to its remarkable architecture : The castle Bécharie, the church Saint-Pierre,...

In less than 1 hour...

Medicine Museum:

Just 35 minutes from the campsite, come and visit the medicine museum and live the medicine evolution. Discover the several invention that revolutionize the medical world in a marvelous building dating from the XVIIe century.

Hautefort Castle :

Just 40 minutes from the campsite, visit the magnificent Hautefort Castle! This old medieval fortification opens its doors for a visit of its unique architecture in Perigord, its elegant silhouette and its “Jardin à la Française” will transport you to XVIIe and XVIIIe century.

The Tourtoirac Cave :

Just 40 minutes from the campsite, come and discover the “Perle géologique du Périgord”: the Tourtoirac cave and amaze you in front of its naturally enchanted landscape.

The “Chalard” :

Just 40 minutes from the campsite, come and discover the village of the “Chalard”: take a walk near its roman church dating from the XI e century and discover its magnificent tower built during the 100y war or go into the Gold House to discover the gold extraction practice during a 2500 years hitory.

The “Pans de Travassac” :

Just 45 minutes from the campsite, discover the “Pans de Travassac”. Travel into the slate tradition during a walk between man-made edifice and the ancestral slate work made by professional.

Visit the museum which recount the slate work across documentaries, documents and object...

The theme park Wizz'Titi:

Just 45 minutes from the campsite, the Wizz'Titi theme park opens its doors! With your family or you friends enjoy one of the several activity of this Park: Adventure Course, suspended path, barefoot path...

Tulle :

Just 45 minutes from the campsite, discover the Corrèze prefecture: Tulle! Go for a walk in its medieval street, discover its heritage : “Cathédrale Notre-Dame”, “Quartier du trech”, “le cloître” … or simply enjoy its several shops...


Just 45 minutes from the campsite, discover Brive-la-Gaillarde town! Visit its historic town center and its shops with in the center a beautiful collegial: the “Collegiale Saint-Martin”. Discover its several museum: the “musée Edmond-Michelet”, the  “musée Labenche”,...or simply get a drink in its several restaurant and bar.

The Reynou Zoo park :

Just 50 minutes from the campsite, discover the Reynou Zoo park, more than 6000 animals from different continents are waiting for you for a visit in a picturesque and natural setting..

The Gimel waterfall:

Nature Lovers ?

Discover the Gimel waterfall.

Just 50 minutes from the campsite, come and escape in an idyllic setting: Green and protected nature where you can find a magnificent river flowing in cascade...During your walk you will meet 3 waterfalls: a real source of evasion and relaxation..

The “Gouffre de la fage”:

Just 50 minutes from the campsite, amaze you at the “gouffre de la fage” ! Its beautiful landscape will delight you in a sparkling setting. Take a walk into this gulf and discover plenty of stalactites and column, children and adults will love it!

The Causse lake :

Just 50 minutes from the campsite, take a walk in the Causse lake, to take a rest in its beach, to admire the beautiful view or simply to go for a walk near the river...the Causse lake is the destination that you need!


The Gargant mount:

Just 55 minutes from the campsite, discover the Gargant mount, Resistance place in the Second World War! Situated on the “plateau des MilleVaches”, it offers you a panoramic view across the chapel ruins and an incredible point of view on the nearby lanscape.


A bit further...


Just 1 hour from the campsite, famous for its porcelain come and visit its different museum(Adrien Dubouché, four de casseaux, musée des beaux arts…) stride across its pedestrian streets and visit its shops...And why not visited one of the most beautiful train station of France? The “Gare des Bénédictins”.

Jacques Chirac Museum :

Just 1 hour from the campsite is situated the Jacques Chirac, this museum gather different gifts given to Jacques Chirac mentioning his different diplomatic relationship between France and Countries of the World. Come and discover the history of our time and other cultures.

The Chai de Lardimalie Museum :

Just 1 hour and 10 minutes from the campsite is standing the chai de Lardimalie museum. In the middle of the grapevine, this old building remain in the same state, accommodated lots of wine grower, this place is now classified Historic Monuments, discover its several machine, a unique collection of tools but also plenty of advertising dating from the time.

Argentât sur Dordogne :

Come and discover the barge captains, take a walk on its picturesque quays and relax on its flowered terrace or rendezvous on the riverside for a barge ride, or for the most sporty on canoe!

Périgueux :

Just 1 hour and 15 minutes from the campsite, discover the town of Périgueux! Visit its heritage and monuments as the Medieval and Renaissance castle, cathedrals and abbey ...

Oradour sur glane :

Just 1 hour and 15 minutes from the campsite is standing the memorial center of Oradour Sur Glane. Come and visit this martyr town kept in the same state since 1944, and redraw the different events that bring to this barbaric act during a memorial process*

Sarlat :

Just 1 hour and 20 minutes from the campsite, visit one of the most beautiful medieval site in Europe.

Discover its tortuous streets, its arched passage, its cathedral and its monuments dating from the Xve century.

Rocamadour :

Come and visit this famous place, discover its atypical architecture as the Saint-Sauveur Church or Saint-Amadour crypt classified at the world human heritage. Amaze you in front of this pearl heritage perched on a cliff.


Le « Gouffre de Padirac » :

Dive six feet under and discover on of the most fascinating gulf in Europe! Embark on an underground river and navigate between the rocks! Viewing pleasure guarantee!

Bort-Les-Orgues :

Come and visit the town of Bort-Les-Orgues, its museum: “musée de la tannerie et du cuir”, its castle :”Château de Val” and also its flood barriere.....or simply relax during a boat trip.

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