Manifestations autour de Pompadour

Horse races and horse-drawn ... find all the appointments that you would not miss !.


On this page you can download programs, posters or just find some information about events, horse shows or other events around Pompadour.

* Les évènements et manifestations autour de Pompadour:

         L'Office de Tourisme du pays de Pompadour

         Corrèze tourisme.

* Les manifestations et les compétitions équestres à Pompadour:

         Société de Concours Hippiques de Pompadour

         Haras National de Pompadour

         La société des courses de Pompadour.

* Les Soirées cabarets, les spectacles equestres ainsi que les balades aux lampions:

          scenes de manège

Some activities for your children !

  • Saint Sornin Lavolps,

Come and discover this beautiful village with your game booklet ( available at the campsite reception - free)

  • Ayen,

Every year, in  all seasons, come and visit the Ayen village. In the Tourism Office, a funny questionnary will help you discover this picturesque village enter in the sustainable development.With your parents, come and enjoy this activity and roam Ayen streets.

Tuesday the 25th of july at 3pm (in front of the church), come and enjoy a treasure hunt organized by Pays d'Art et d'Histoire Vézère Ardoise.( Free )

  • Beyssac,

Thursday the 24th of august at 3pm (in front of the Chatreuse du glandier), come and be part of the enormous Cluedo game : Who killed Charles?. (Free) 

  • Beyssenac,

Go dicover the Beyssenac village and its Lasveyras Mill. ( Free and available at the TownHall )

  • Donzenac,

With your family, discover animals and its environment in the Ludoferme. (10€/pers - on reservation : 06 84 48 82 41

Thursday the 20th of july and wednesday the 9th of august at 3pm (in front of the church), discover the medieval village of Donzanac during a shadow theatre representation.( 0yo-12yo : free - 12yo-18yo : 3€ - +18yo : 6€ )

  • Lubersac,

A game booklet is waiting for you in the Tourism Office! 

Discover animals and horse activities. ( Every wednesdays at 10:30am from the 19th july to the 23th august - free )

Play with the wind, come and enjoy the kite activity! ( Every thursday at 10am from the 20th of july to the 24th of august - free)

  • Saint Pardoux Corbier,

Come and discover the Champtiaux farm (7€/pers - less than 2yo : free - on reservation : 05 55 73 65 83)

  • Uzerche,

Come and enjoy the canoe-kayak and other activities. ( More informations : 05 55 73 02 84 or in

Discover the archaeology in working groups. ( 8€/pers - 05 55 73 26 07)

  • Voutezac,

Discover the activities offered by the Oxygene Sport Nature association. ( 10€/children and 15€/adults - On reservation : 05 55 84 73 54 or in



Festive Market.

Go for a walk in our local festive market!

  • In Ségur-le-château, mondays at 5pm,
  • In Voutezac, tuesdays at 5pm,
  • In Saint-Pardoux Corbier, wednesdays at 5pm, 
  • In Uzerche, fridays at 5pm,
  • In Ayen, thursdays at 5pm.